Regular Events


An informal contest in improv theater for individuals or teams. We as Publikum.sk started organizing it in Trnava in 2008. It usually takes place twice a year and its biggest installments filled over 300 seats in the Hviezda film theatre. The event moved to Malý Berlín once it opened.


Raster is a series of lectures or discussions about visual art. The main lecturer and programmer is the artist and teacher Roman Gajdoš, who regularly invites guests to discuss the purpose, effect and forms of fine arts.

b minor

A series of chamber concerts that has been in our program since 2019, devoted to music from the 20th and 21st century. Four times a year, visitors from Trnava and the surrounding area have a chance to attend recitals of Slovak musicians performing contemporary classical music.

PechaKucha Night Trnava

PechaKucha Night is a platform created in Tokyo by two architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Within a few years, it spread around the world like wildfire. The idea behind the event is to present the audience with productive, interesting and sometimes surprising ideas using projected images, thus forcing the participants to speak concisely and to the point instead of subjecting everyone to long monologues. Our PechaKucha revolves around visual art, design and architecture.

Theory vs. Practice [Teória vs. prax]

During the debate format Theory vs. practice, we uncover questions related to contemporary art with the help of the people who create it, review it and criticize it. Zuzana Miklánková acts as the guide that helps us find answers to our questions.

Trnava Design Day [Trnavský deň dizajnu]

A one-day market organized in cooperation with the city of Trnava. It is centered around environmentally friendly Slovak design and is accompanied by workshops for both adults and kids, as well as discussions focusing on the environment and on how to minimize our negative environmental impact through conscious buying behavior.


A writers’ festival we’ve been organizing since 2015. The festival program that traditionally spans four days at the end of November is filled with conversations with both renowned and emerging authors. The program on Sunday is devoted to families and children, connecting reading with dramatic or visual art. The festival is always accompanied by a thematically related exhibition.


People flood cyberspace with videos, and they remix, recontextualize, appropriate and parody. They leave billions of online traces. We want to map this new world of sensory and intellectual experiences, fun and learning. We move it away from the private level and into the public space. The YouTopia festival is a celebration of video and music. It shows internet culture in its audiovisual expressions. It presents everything that can be done by connecting audio, music and visuals, and much more.