Building communities of well-being

28. augusta 2021
— Hlavná sála

A one day workshop for cultural practitioners and artists to explore the notion of well-being in the creative and cultural sector.

  • Registration: workshop(zavinac)malyberlin.sk
  • Registration fee: 10 €
  • Language: English
  • Number of participants: max. 20

There is a growing acknowledgement of the strong link between access to culture & cultural participation and well-being. Even one of the three strategic objectives of the New European Agenda for Culture is to harness the power of culture and cultural diversity for well-being.

More often than not this raises a range of questions:
– How to define well-being?
– Whose well-being is prioritized?
– How can culture and access to culture contribute to individual and collective well-being?
– How does understanding of well-being change considering differing social, political, and ecological contexts?
– And what does well-being mean in the context of the work of cultural practitioners and cultural institutions?

This workshop aims to create a brave space for participants to explore the questions above in an engaging way. The workshop has the following learning goals:
– to re-connect with the deeper motivation of doing cultural work
– to gain insights into the latest approaches to the relationship between arts, culture & well-being;
– to explore practices for fostering resilience, self- and community-care, and well-being;
– to acquire tools for developing cultural practices and organisations that create nourishing and equitable relationships and communities of well-being;

The workshop combines theory and practice; artistic, ethnographic, and embodied methods, and is designed as a space for both self-reflection, exchange and hands-on work.


Liene Jurgelāne
Liene is an anthropologist, cultural practitioner, and facilitator that has been working at the intersection of arts, culture and education for over a decade. Her work focuses on researching and exploring collective leadership practices, creating and co-creating learning spaces that invite to reconnect with oneself and others, and curating events and artistic interventions that resonate with the challenges and complexities of our times. Liene is the former head of program of Kaņepes Culture Centre in Riga, co-creator of Festival Kometa and now co-running the educational collective new visions in Berlin.