Sadly, Malý Berlín does not have any reserved parking spaces. It’s located in the historical center of Trnava, so the parking is subject to a fee during working days between 8am and 6pm.

The Štefánikova Street, where we’re located, belongs in Parking Zone A with the rest of the historical center, so an hour of parking costs 0.50€. (Each additional 0.10€ will add another 12 minutes of parking.) The Parking Zone B, which starts right behind the city walls, has a parking fee of 0.20€ per hour. (Each additional 0.10€ will add another 30 minutes of parking.)

Parking Areas

You can park right on Štefánikova Street, but it is one of the busier streets and it can be difficult to find a spot. There are several parking areas within walking distance of Malý Berlín:

near Bernolák´s gate
Radlinského st. / Vajanského st.
parkovacia zóna A
pri OD Jednota
ul. Dolnopotočná / Halenárska
parkovacia zóna A
pri Zelenom kríčku
ul. Rybníková / Šrobárová
súkromné parkovisko (7.00 h. – 19.00 h.; celodenné parkovanie za 1,50 €)
na Rybníkovej ulici
parkovacia zóna B

Parking Map

To make it a bit easier for you, we prepared a map of the closest parking areas with a highlighted route of how to get to Malý Berlín. You can download it here.

Stiahnite si mapu parkovísk pre tlač vo formáte A4.
Stiahnite si mapu parkovísk pre tlač vo formáte A4.

Download the parking map and print it out on an A4 format.

Paying the Parking Fee

You can pay for parking:
in cash at a parking meter. The meters don’t return change.
by sending the following text to the number 2200: „TTA vehicle-registration-plate X“ or „TTB vehicle-registration-plate X“, where X represents the number of parking hours anywhere between 1 and 10. (For example, „TTA TT123AB 3“.) The fee for an hour of parking bought via a text is 0.60€ in Zone A and 0.30€ in Zone B.