Internships and volunteering

We admit, sometimes we are in over our heads!

In addition to the fact that we need help here and there, we have great enthusiasm for our work on cultural events and we would like to be more in contact with young people. If you become a part of our team and volunteer with us in return we can reward you not only with our gratitude and friendship, but also with a personal approach and help in your self-realization.

If you could imagine volunteering here, don’t hesitate to write to Miška at michaela.lehoczka(at)malyberlin.sk.

What does volunteering mean?

Malý Berlín currently does not offer paid part-time jobs, and volunteering is also an unpaid activity. But we’re happy to welcome you to our team if you want to meet interesting people and experience various events. First, we will train you and you will help us under the supervision of one of our workers, and when you prove yourself, you will also work independently. Volunteering is a process – you probably understand that we need to get to know each other well first.

What would we need you for?

It is up to you which activity suits you best, you can sell tickets at the cash register, but you can also come to take photos. These are the activities we need help with:

  • help at the cash register,
  • assistance in the preparation of more demanding events, such as festivals or theaters (sometimes we need to decorate our premises, other times we need to rebuild our venues several times during a larger event for different types of programs, etc.),
  • event photography,
  • distributing posters to kindergartens, elementary and high schools, universities and dormitories.

What do we offer you in return?

  • pleasant, stimulating and friendly working environment,
  • free entry to any events that we organize (and certainly also to some that we collaborate on),
  • Malý Berlín can be your sending organization if you decide to join the international exchange program of the European Solidarity Corps as a volunteer.

Policies and expectations

Our long-term values are clear. We are interested in public affairs, the development of civil society and democratic values. The volunteer should be part of our vision and actively fulfill our goals. It is in our interest that the volunteers also feel that they are a member of the team, and therefore they are welcome to participate in joint activities. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where you will feel comfortable.

We have small but important requests for you. Be professional and flexible. It is crucial for us that you come on time, regularly and that you behave responsibly.

Would you like to do an internship?

As a cultural center, we are a great place for graduates and students of various fields to gain work experience.

Our work requires thorough preparation of events and their promotion. As an intern, you will gain practical experience with project management, working with text, creating press releases and other media and marketing outputs. You can try creating graphic promotional materials or you can develop your photography or audiovisual skills and, at the same time, get to know professionals from various industries with whom we collaborate on the preparation of the program. If, after graduating from university, you decide to gain experience abroad, we can be your sending organization of the European Solidarity Corps program.