Common Futures: SK-UA Connections

Implementation period of project:
January 2024 — December 2024

The aim of the project is to support the development of bilateral relations between Slovak and Ukrainian actors from the fields of culture, education and the non-governmental sector. After February 2022, the cooperation between Ukraine and Slovakia took off in an unprecedented way, but it still falls short of its potential and current needs. There are no long-term relations, organizations and institutions do not know each other, and we also lack Slovak experts for Ukraine and Ukrainian experts for Slovakia.

We would like to move the cooperation from the level of solving current problems and humanitarian needs to the level of long-term partnerships in the different fields. We believe that the development of cooperation at different levels will also help Slovak society to better cope with the pressure of Russian propaganda.

We plan to concentrate on facilitating the development of bilateral relationships between different actors. This means that we will actively seek partnerships and bring together appropriate organizations and experts.

We want to focus on connecting:

  • universities, specific faculties and departments,
  • independent cultural organizations and public cultural institutions,
  • non-governmental non-profit organizations.

We will also implement this through the following tools:

  • Online matchmaking events,
  • Capacity building workshops: cross-border cooperation, education and research partnerships joint grant applications, community development,
  • Publication of information materials.