Re-Source! Ukraine

Implementation period of project:
July 2022 — December 2024

Re-Source! Ukraine project aims to support European organizations in seven countries that help forcibly displaced Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals to re-establish their careers in the European context.

The project was born with a needs-assessment workshop conducted during TEH Conference 93 in Prague in May 2022. The workshop initiated an in-depth discussion between Ukrainian artists, cultural workers, and European cultural organizations to identify barriers and solutions for integrating Ukrainian artists and audiences into the European cultural scene as artists and engaged community. Participants have also discussed cultural organizations’ main barriers when working with Ukrainian artists, communities and audiences. To ensure better inclusivity of Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals in European context, the project includes art productions that will represent their practices with the connection to the local Ukrainian community and activities for artists and cultural professionals. The program’s main public event is the Ukrainian Month in Europe. It will span all across European cultural centers to involve local and Ukrainian artists to talk about a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, represent their artistic work and involve even more people from wider local audiences.

The countries directly included in the project are Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Moldova and Georgia. Within them, we will pay special attention to the integration of Ukrainian artists and cultural workers into local cultural scenes. For this purpose, in addition to public program, we will organize:

  • networking events,
  • mentorship program,
  • webpage with open calls, residencies and funding opportunities.

Oficial project webpage:

Leader of the project:
Malý Berlín
V4 project - Critical Revealing of Communist Heritage - Izolyatsia