ZMINA: Rebuilding project

Zmina. Rebuilding

Implementation period of project:
April 2023 — March 2025

ZMINA: REBUILDING is a new project to support Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations to create and showcase works in Ukraine and Creative Europe countries. Under the leadership of Izolyatsia Foundation (Ukraine) in cooperation with Malý Berlín (Slovakia) and Trans Europe Halles (Sweden) it will bring a four open grant calls.

ZMINA: REBUILDING is set to provide 1.4 million Euro to support Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations, working alone, with national or non-Ukrainian partners. Selected program participants will be able to create and showcase in Ukraine and abroad works that facilitate, promote or mediate public discourse on the topic of “rebuilding”: identity, social norms, communities, relationships, infrastructure. Intensive capacity-building of Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations, also open to public cultural offices, will support the sub-granting scheme, together with communication and dissemination both in Ukraine and internationally.

The project is aiming to reach the following goals:

  • To bind the theme of wartime resilience and reconstruction to the sub-granting scheme, the program supports the development of concrete practices contributing to wartime resilience and post-war recovery in Ukraine. 
  • To highlight the essential and unique role that the cultural and creative sector is playing in social and economic (re-)development, now and in the future; 
  • Beyond Ukraine, foster and develop mutual understanding and future cooperation between the European and Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors. 
  • Intensive capacity-building will support Ukrainian artists and cultural organizations to internationalize their outlook, develop international projects and work to European standards. 

ZMINA: REBUILDING will not only support Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations but will also facilitate future investments in the Ukrainian cultural and creative sector in the long term and will straighten international connections to support Ukraine’s ascension to the EU.

The role of Malý Berlín in the project is to provide communication services and dissemination of ZMINA: REBUILDING. Malý Berlín will develop and provide communication and design guidelines to successful applicants regarding presentation of ZMINA project, it will produce dissemination outcomes of ZMINA for grantees in various forms and supervise cultural diplomacy actions in selected projects.

Oficial project webpage:

Leader of the project:
V4 project - Critical Revealing of Communist Heritage - Izolyatsia
Trans Europe Halles
Malý Berlín