Short-term residences

Especially in the summer months of July to August, we provide our premises to theatre and dance individuals or groups for short-term residencies (max. 2 weeks). They are ideal for those looking for an undisturbed place for rehearsal, intensive research, or technical support. We hosted the following short-term residencies: 2023: Eva Urbanová a Jozef Vaľo,…

Borek Brindák

visual artistKošice, Slovakiadate of residency: June – July, 2021facebook.com/borek.brindak

Michal Jahoda

* 1985, Slovenskomusician / bass player / music producerdate of residency: 1 February – 30 April 2022www.michaljahoda.com

Javidan Aghayev

Baku, Azerbaijanresearcher / translator / journalistdate of residency: January 19th – April 16th 2023cavidaga.com

Foto: Petra K. Adamková

Hanna Palei

Mazyr, Belaruscultural manager/researcher/curatordate of residency: July – September 2023palei.hanna.tilda.ws

Olga Bekenshtein

*1987, Ukrainecultural managerdate of residency: June – December 2022obekenshtein.wixsite.com/portfolio